Update: whoosh, the amazing disappearing weekend

So, multiple people got back to me with comments about the Tuyo World Companion last week. Therefore, the entire weekend vanished into an extended revision session.

I didn’t do anything else besides work on this. I mean, I took the dogs for walks. Nice weather, a lot of the weekend. But nothing else related to writing. On the other hand, I did kind of a lot with this.

I made all the corrections of typos and other small things readers noted.

Then I reordered all the sections, then checked the consistency of the headings. These changed as I reordered the sections, so a lot of the headings moved from Heading Three to Heading Two and a few moved the other way around.

Then I added a couple more letters from one person to another and added headings to note when the letters were written. I mean when they were written in relation to the novels. Most of the letters were written by Lau. I might add another one written by an Ugaro, if I can think of another good topic for a letter.

Then I took out a section and put it back and took it out again and, sigh, put it back in again, but heavily revised.

I added a section on domestic animals and wrote stuff to go in that section. Ditto for a section on recreation. Ditto for probably a couple more headings that I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Moved sections around again and once more changed headings so they would still be consistent. Put in a Table of Contents, moved sections around yet again, took out the T o C and put it back. Repeat, repeat. Scanned through a lot of the book from the top, noted a couple egregious typos absolutely everyone had missed so far, and fixed them. (There were several egregious typos various readers caught, obviously.)

Took out some spoilers for TARASHANA. There are still some spoilers, but not as many or as big. Except in a letter that Selili, Aras’ daughter, writes to a friend. Big spoilers in that letter, so I went back right to the top of the World Companion and added a specific heading: Spoilers, where I tell readers what not to read if they don’t want to be spoiled for this and that. I also added a note at the top of the Lakasha and Ro section to say that this section doesn’t contain spoilers, but if readers want to learn about those two peoples in the context of the story, they should skip that section until they read TASMAKAT.

I revised the ending of the novella, gazed at that ending for a long time, then revised it some more. Not sure I’m finished with that. I might even put it back to the original ending.

So, what with one thing and another, the entire weekend disappeared into this project, BUT, I think the World Companion is now in very good shape. It is just a hair shy of 100,000 words, which is a little startling. I didn’t expect it to go quite that long. I like it, though! I hope everyone else does too!

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