Once more available in Audio!

Once more available in Audio — TUYO


This turned into more of a project than I expected because:

a) The narrator, Patrick, was 100% on board with shifting from royalty share to a flat fee, so that was no problem

b) But ACX wanted an email exchange on record between Patrick and me that made it clear he agreed to the change.

c) Then Patrick had to send me all the audiobook chapters and I had to load them to ACX

d) During which I encountered technical difficulties which I had no ability to resolve

e) But Patrick kept sending me new adjusted files and I kept loading them until they all worked

f) Then I had to submit the book as though it were completely new for ACX to review and approve

And so as you can see everything was annoying and time consuming. However, it’s all fine now and the audiobook went up yesterday, I believe.

It is just under $22, or of course free if you happen to join Audible and get it as one of your free books.

My next step, as soon as I get a moment, is to load the audiobook on Findaway Voices and get it on Chirp and figure out how to run sales. I have of course never done anything before with Findaway Voices or Chirp, so this will no doubt constitute yet another learning experience, sigh. I will probably need to come to the office next weekend and take a stab at figuring all this out from a real computer rather than trying to do it from home.

However, I’m glad to say that TUYO is actually available now, and if anybody is planning a long drive this week, here you go, I hope you will try it!

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