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Of course you know this, but NO FOREIGN SKY dropped today!

Releasing a new book is always exciting, and this time it’s a little nerve-wracking as well, as after all, this is my first SF novel! Kind of a big deal!

If you beta read this book and enjoyed it, I hope you will leave a brief review, or at least a rating. If you read it in the next few days, ditto. This isn’t like the seventh TUYO book, which (a) I feel very (very) confident about and also (b) it is after all the seventh book in a series; anybody who gets that far in a series is not going to care all that much about reviews, probably. (Though I still appreciate them!). But this is different. It’s a standalone, at least for now, plus a departure from fantasy, and I’m sure reviews are going to make a big difference for readers browsing for space opera.

I will, of course, totally understand if you picked it up but don’t get around to reading it for three years, because that’s pretty much how things work for me a lot of the time. (Almost all the time.) Still, if you do read it, please take a moment to leave a review (or at least a rating).


Here are Morgan’s two boys, with a lucky snapshot catching a particularly cute moment. They get their first vaccinations today. They are SO HUGE for their age that they may not have any vaccine reaction at all, though usually puppies are a little ouchy the next day and might run a fever. I don’t generally wait to see. I just give them Carprofen that evening to head off any potential reaction. I’ll do that here too, but seriously, these guys are bigger right now than my smaller Papillon was full grown.

I have decided to place the Blenheim! Oh, I will be sorry to let him go! But I don’t think I will be showing enough to do him justice. AND the little girl in his new family loves the idea of showing him! Probably in Rally, maybe in the Breed ring, who knows where it might lead? I don’t know if she’ll go on and do it, but wouldn’t that be wonderful? This could be a great, great puppy to get a kid into showing. Super confident, super motivated. I hope his bite stays good so he can show in every possible venue. I would even place him with an unrestricted registration, which I wouldn’t for a female puppy, but for a boy, if he’s really nice, yes.

I will have both these puppies for several weeks yet, which is fine with me, especially since that big Blen puppy can now come up stairs on his own! I will take a stab at teaching both these puppies to go up AND down so that I don’t have to heave them up and down myself. I do wonder what their adult weight will be. Honestly, probably not as high as it seems.

You know what’s particularly funny? The Tri boy’s new owner took the above photo. She doesn’t want to bring him home yet, not for another ten days or so, which is fine, but she was visiting. Now, the Tri boy hit the basic shift to independence a few days before his Blen brother, and for ME, the tricolor tends to dash off and play keepaway. But he went STRAIGHT to Kathy and climbed on her lap. What a good puppy! She’s been waiting for a tricolor for some time. Her current dog is a Blenheim and he is going to be so, so happy to have a little brother join the family.

Man, I’m going to miss these two when they leave me.

Also, here’s a super cute picture of Leda’s Girl Two.

Isn’t she a character! This puppy is funny and cute and confident. She has a nice shape to her head. All Leda’s puppies do have pretty heads regardless of markings. The standout right now — they are just going to be seven weeks in a few days, so they are still young to make the call — but the standout for me at the moment is Boy 2. Every time I catch any of the little puppies standing in a great stacked pose, head up and lovely topline sweeping right down to his tail, it’s Boy 2. I think they are all nice, but I think he is perhaps the nicest. Confident, too. He can actually make the big puppies back up when they are trying to push the little ones around.

So can Girl 2 above. She’s definitely personality-plus.

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13 thoughts on “Out now —”

  1. Happy release day!!

    I’m excited to hear Morgan’s blen boy will be going to a home that might show him in conformation. I’ll keep a lookout for any other “Anara” dogs that might show up in the ring!

    Leda’s girl 2 is absolutely precious. Is she the one you are thinking of keeping?

  2. Girl 2 is indeed precious, but no. Girl 1 has better markings and I think her head is going to be very pretty. Though all these puppies are going to have pretty heads, I believe. It’s too bad, though, because Girl 2 has a more full-steam-ahead personality. Girl 1 will take careful handling. She is adorable, sweet, person-oriented, trusting, but not quite as confident.

    They are all nice. Boy 1 is cobby, nice angulation, his neck may be a bit short, a lot like his grandfather CKCSC and AKC Champion Hear Me Roar! JW. As you see, a slightly short neck did not hold him back. Boy 2 may be the standout in this litter. When a puppy strikes a show stack out in the yard, it always seems to be Boy 2. His markings are also the best. Girl 1 has a sweet, feminine expression that I like a lot. And Girl 2 is a little hellion. She’s going to a home where the owner specifically requested a puppy with pizzazz.

  3. That is a shame, but I’m sure you’ll have Girl 1’s confidence boosted in no time!

    The hellion puppies are my favorites–but of course you knew that already : )

  4. You robbed me of what would otherwise have been a full night’s sleep last night, Rachel – No Foreign Sky was wonderful and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s been a while since I read through a new book in one sitting like that. I wrote a review as soon as I had time today. I do hope you can eventually get back around to that world, because it was really delightful.

    Now I’d better go take a nap to make up for lost sleep. I stayed up until a ridiculous hour of the morning reading.

  5. I just managed to read it all in one day, so I’m tired now and need to go to bed. I’ll give it a good review tomorrow. Glad it was released on a day I was off work, or I’d get in trouble reading all night! I enjoyed it so much! Definitely want to know more about all the societies mentioned and their future interactions, but still feel like this book left me in a satisfying place.
    I did find 3 typos, do you want me to send them somehow?

  6. Yes please, Melanie! Send typos to rneumeie@gmail.com, please, and I appreciate it! Already corrected one this morning! I hope there aren’t more.

    Thank you for letting me know you read it all at once, whoosh! You too, EC, thank you! That’s great to hear!

  7. I’m saving No Foreign Sky for Thursday when I have an appointment for my first tattoo—I know it will be the perfect absorbing distraction!

    Really enjoying the puppy pictures and your commentary on their personalities as they develop.

  8. If NFS can distract you through a tattoo, that’s probably a good sign, Mary Beth!

  9. Well, that was a blast! Finished NFS and wrote a review for it, which was difficult because I kept wanting to babble in a spoilery fashion about each of the wonderful characters (i.e. all of them). Also you’d think I’d have learned my lesson about reading your teasers, but I clearly have not, because now I must yearn for Invictus for months.

  10. Hah, teasers! I never read them! Well, hardly ever! And that’s exactly why.

    Thank you, Maigen!

  11. It took me a couple of days to read, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the book. I liked how you turned some of the usual tropes on their head, and I especially enjoyed when I read the title in part of the book— that part was almost like poetry for me. I’m not quite as invested in the characters as I am in the Tuyo series, or the Floating Islands series, but we shall see what happens, if you continue on.

  12. Interestingly for me, I read some other books after ‘No Foreign Sky, but had to come back and reread your book. Parts of the book stuck with me, but on my reread, I noticed how carefully and well drawn out the Turun society was, how complete and exacting you were with everything. This is the kind of book that each time you read again, you find something else to admire. Can’t wait for Tasmakat and Invictus! Idk how you do it!

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