Hopefully brief bobble in access to the audio version of TUYO

Just letting you all know that the audio version of TUYO is temporarily unavailable.

This has happened because I’ve been negotiating with ACX to change the distribution contract from exclusive to nonexclusive without waiting for the remaining four or so years specified by the initial contract. This will allow me to distribute the audiobook widely at a much reduced price, thus hopefully bringing listeners to the series.

The negotiation has abruptly moved forward, with the unexpected result that (a) the TUYO audiobook has been de-distributed from Amazon, (b) various complicated things are happening in the background, (c) the TUYO audiobook should once again be re-distributed to Amazon soon, and also to other platforms shortly thereafter.

If you’ve followed an audio link in an attempt to pick up the audio version of TUYO, thank you! Sorry if you hit this unexpected blank wall! I would not have pointed everyone to the audiobook if I had realized this would happen so quickly (or at all). The hiatus in availability should be brief, I hope a matter of days rather than weeks, and then once again the TUYO audiobook will be available.

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2 thoughts on “Hopefully brief bobble in access to the audio version of TUYO”

  1. Alison, I just got a message that it should be going live on June 10th. So we’ll see …

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