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BUT, when I took a look at the promo codes that just arrived for TARASHANA, I realized that I actually have a handful of promo codes for each of the books in this series — I didn’t actually realize those codes lasted forever, but there they are, all that haven’t been used previously. I have a few for TUYO and quite a good handful for the others.

So, if you would like a promo code that will let you download an Audible copy of any of these books, let me know! You do not have to be a member of Audible to use a code. You just go to and there’s a box to enter the code. Boom, done, that easy.

I have codes for the US and UK. I don’t see codes that are generic for any country.

Obviously I would appreciate a Audible review if you listen to any of these, particularly aimed at the quality of the listening experience, especially if you enjoy the narration. Which I hope you will!

Audio of Tuyo

Audio of Nikoles

Audio of Tarashana

Audio of Keraunani

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  1. I just got the whole series, though it may be a while before I get around to listening.

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