Hasty Monday update

Okay, yes, there was a week last week, wasn’t there? It seemed to disappear in a blur.

So did the weekend.

I actually made considerable progress on the story about returning Hokino’s knife. I guess I should pick a title for it, probably “Hokino’s Knife,” to make referring to it easier. Anyway, as I say, considerable progress, which does not mean 4000 words a day the way it was for TANO. But maybe 2000 words per day, which is GREAT given how distracting the puppies are. I’m about to move into the last third of the story, which is the part I actually thought would be, you know, the story. It expanded forward from the opening scene, included a huge middle chunk I did not see coming until I arrived at it, and now should hopefully move more predictably toward the ending scenes.

I wish I could say I thought I would finish that story this week, but that seems highly unlikely. Perhaps this month. Probably this month? I hope this month. This will put me behind for where I wanted to be in June; eg, I will not yet be ready to start SILVER CIRCLE. But I will have unexpectedly written most of the TUYO World Companion, so, I mean, there’s that.

I’m glad so many of you gave the final cover a thumbs up! I really did not expect to look for other backgrounds, but then I happened across that one and immediately liked it.

Okay, so, sorry, but I did not take any more puppy pictures this weekend. Not sure why. Probably so many trips up and down the stairs were so tiring that I just forgot. They are all being very cute romping around outside. The big ones are not quite so overwhelming to the little ones at this point. Still kind of overwhelming, but not SO overwhelming that I have to supervise every single second.

I didn’t get to take any of the dogs to the park … it was suddenly too hot anyway, and who exactly ordered a ninety-degree day, because that sure wasn’t me. I didn’t give any of them baths either, which I would really like to do. But at least I did trim all their claws. It’s so helpful that they are all happy to jump up on the grooming table and let me trim their claws in return for quite moderate numbers of treats. I need to do the claws of the babies, which are sharp and ouchey. You do baby claws by feel, just running a clippers along the claw till you feel the hook at the end and then snipping off the tip. It’s not hard as long as the puppy is sleepy. (It’s impossible if the puppy is wide awake.)

I love my robot vacuum. LOVE IT. It’s not perfect, particularly leaving a trail of little fragments of leaf bits along the line where the carpet joins the tile. But it is MUCH BETTER than not having a robot vacuum cleaner. Especially when Conner goes out, rolls exuberantly in the leaf mulch, comes in, and shakes all the bits of mulch off his coat and all over the floor.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures this afternoon or tomorrow or sometime, but in the meantime, here is a visitor who seemed to get stuck on this door at my mother’s house:

Apparently the inability to go up led to this little guy being really reluctant to go in any direction. Took him about ten minutes to calm down, sort out his options, and leave the same way he came, via the deck.

If this had been MY house, my dogs would have gone NUTS and also destroyed the screen on this door.

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