Almost May, Wow

My goodness, do you realize it is April 28th? Where did April even GO?

Quick reminder:

NO FOREIGN SKY is out MAY 15th.

The preorder price has dropped to $4.99. That will be the price for the rest of May. On June 1st, I’ll raise the price.

Thinking about preordering the book? Then subscribe to my newsletter, which will include the entire first chapter and (it turns out) a snippet of the second chapter. This is a whopping 12,000 words, which I hope does not bother the newsletter delivery system, but wow, I have never sent a really long newsletter before and this one is certainly really long. Anyway, that should certainly give you enough of a look at the book to decide!

If you’ve already read it, then the week it goes live, I’d appreciate it if you would mention the book on social media and/or to friends who might like it. Ditto if you read it in the first couple of weeks it’s out; I’d definitely appreciate a brief review and a mention here and there.

Somewhere later in June or July, or who knows maybe August, I’ll probably run a sale, but this book won’t be offered for free because there is very little incentive for me to drop the price to zero as this book is not part of a series. I may never set it free. It will be in KU, though, so that is kind of the same thing if you happen to be enrolled in KU.

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