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I’m glad early commenters think the basic cover idea looks good! Please pick one. Comments regarding background color and borders are fine — that’s exactly what I would like — but let’s just please note ahead of time that I reserve the right to not spend fifteen hours trying to get Canva to produce a particular type of border when it REALLY does not want to do that.

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8 thoughts on “Please comment on the cover”

  1. Prefer the second, the background color on the first makes the whole thing look washed out.
    (on my monitor, at least.)

  2. I prefer the second, overall. The aged parchment color has an eye-catching texture. I also like the black border enclosing the artwork in the center.

    The typefaces are also subtly different. I slightly prefer the typeface from the first cover.

  3. I think that on the shelf, the first one will look washed out, but I’m not a big fan of the combination of the parchment background with the greens and blues of the image. Would a blue background perhaps work, or another solid color that picks up the color themes of Tuyo and Tarashana’s covers?

    I agree with others that the way the words are arranged (/font?) looks better on the first one.

  4. I like the second, darker, richer color—it makes me think of the sandier soil of the summer country. I do think “World Companion” should be spaced to line up with the tiger picture, because currently it’s running too close to the cover edge.

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