Tuyo World Companion: possible cover

Okay, so I just put this together myself using Canva. What do you think?

I tried to get a black border all the way around, but that was startlingly non-easy. And this border came out double, as you see. But it looks all right, I think?

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6 thoughts on “Tuyo World Companion: possible cover”

  1. I think the double black border gives it some weight and balance! Giving the image a border/frame might help anchor it on the page, too.

  2. Let us recall that the background to the website is not pure white, so the first cover is just a little darker than it appears. I really can’t decide about the background color! But I do think I like giving some kind of border to the image.

    I’m going to try one with exactly the same borders to everything but the paler color and the original font. And then we’ll see!

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