Life continues

Semi-emergency section today, two boys, two girls, all a good size.

I doubt these puppies will be as easy as Morgan’s Giant Boys, but they look good.

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6 thoughts on “Life continues”

  1. Yep, making the decision to get them today was pretty terrifying, but I was right, they’re fine, it wasn’t too early and hopefully Leda will feel a lot better and start eating again.

  2. Leda, who had quit eating Monday, feels much better and her appetite is almost normal. Her maternal instincts are just barely appearing at six the next morning, which is fine. By later this morning, she will probably be much more engaged in caring for the puppies.

    The puppies weighed from six and a half to nearly eight ounces at birth, good weights, especially for slightly premature puppies. While all the puppies have lost weight, they haven’t lost much. I’m tube feeding only a little.

    Very distracted though, and I’ll be extremely short of sleep for a bit, so all writing projects are on hold for a few days. Even proofreading is too much right now. I’m rereading the Inda quadrilogy instead of writing.

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