Monday Update: Slow Progress and Big Events

All right, so, as you know, one week ago today, my mother had surgery. That went extremely well, she came home after four days — a day early — and was practically not restricted. Do not, quote, lift anything over twenty pounds, unquote. Well, shoot, I’m not crazy about heaving around anything over twenty pounds myself and I’m thirty years younger and haven’t just had surgery!

Anyway, she’s on a moderately restricted diet for another week, but is doing amazingly well.

Progress on other fronts:

a) I’ve got, right here, a paper copy of No Foreign Sky, which I am reading and correcting with a pencil. It makes a tremendous difference to have a paper copy. I honestly do not know why. All sorts of things jump out at me, not just typos, but repeated words, phrases I might want to revise, all sorts of things.

Shortly I will be able to very tediously put all these corrections and revisions into the actual file, after which I will request another proofing copy, this one for my mother to read. I will also read another copy, hopefully marking it up a lot less. (A LOT LESS.)

After that, it will be ready to send to proofreaders who are not me.

b) Meanwhile, I think I have made all final revisions to TASMAKAT — I mean, other than tweaking the paper copy — and my mother is currently reading that.

c) Puppies! Two beautiful little boys. Of course I really really REALLY wanted girls, but hey, they look nice and healthy, so that’s by far the most important thing.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Update: Slow Progress and Big Events”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that your mother is doing so well. And congratulations on the adorable puppies!

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