Results of Black Dog sale

Okay, so, for Black Dog, I scheduled series promos like this:

Day 1 — Robin Reads Top Promo — 690 free downloads. Essentially no sell-through for the series.

Day 2 — Freebooksy series promo — 630 downloads and a significant increase of sell-through for the series, so I guess we can conclude that the series promo does make a difference after all. That’s good to know. It might not be cost-effective, but apparently it does at least have some effect.

Day 3 — EReaderIQ series promo — 380 downloads and a continuing boost to series sell-through. EReaderIQ is much cheaper than Freebooksy and I think this result was quite good. For promotion on a budget, I think this service is probably a very good choice.

Day 4 — JustKindleBooks series promo. Not dreadful, but not great; 200 downloads. I doubt I’ll be using this promo service again, at least not right away.

Day 5 — Fussy Librarian — 300 downloads, the second weakest performer, but close to the EReader IQ series promotion. Price was comparable. I think both were good enough to use again.

As you can see, I didn’t stack promo services this time, which means it’s easier to see the impact of specific promotion services. To my complete astonishment, for the first time ever, the total number of Black Dog downloads was in shouting distance of Tuyo downloads, and that happened without stacking up promotion services. As far as I can tell, that’s because of Robin Reads. I’m not sure I’ve used that service for Black Dog before and that may have been why it had a particularly good result. Overall, well over 2000 downloads for each.

More sell-through for the Tuyo series … so far … but we’ll see how that looks in another week or so.

Further results: Releasing Tano on March 1st of course made a big difference to KU pages read. But, subtracting Tano, I can see that the Tuyo-series sale resulted in a KU boost beginning on March 9th, or two days after the sale ended. This is about typical for a KU boost. There was a big spike two days later, on March 11th, which is too early for the Black Dog series sale to have any effect. That is also typical. What I think I ought to see is a decisive rise in KU pages read for several months, with some ebb and flow, but a series of increasingly high spikes. I haven’t passed 20,000 pages read per day yet, but I’m getting close and I think the next spike will do it.

Overall, I think the overall result of the Tuyo sale was good, far (far) better than the sale last Aug/Sept, and I’m waiting to see what will happen due to the Black Dog sale, but I hope to see the same reassuringly good result there as well.

TANO has way more than paid for its cover now, and I should add, its cover was pricy both because this cover artist has raised their prices and because I paid an extra fee to jump the queue and have the cover started in February rather than May. That’s how booked up they are, and no doubt that’s why they’ve raised their prices — they’re in demand and stacking up orders.

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