Whew, glad that’s over

Yesterday was the first day in AGES I didn’t even look at my laptop.

But today should be a lot less stressful. The surgery went well. Took about two and a half hours, but the surgeon seemed pleased. It was laparoscopic, so hopefully recovery will be not as bad as it might have been. Mom was perfectly lucid and completely herself by six in the evening, huge relief there.

Now, just crossing our fingers about post surgical complications, or rather the complete lack thereof. If all goes well, she can come home on Friday. If all goes REALLY well, maybe we won’t even need a home health person to stay with her.

I’m going to get a proofing copy of TASMAKAT for her. There’s a nice quiet job that should keep her busy for a while. And while I have a tiny bit more revision to do for it, really, that should be trivial, so starting the enormous proofing job will be genuinely helpful.

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10 thoughts on “Whew, glad that’s over”

  1. I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well. Best wishes to your mom for a speedy and complete recovery.

    Best of luck with the puppies!

  2. Whew! I am /so/ glad to hear it went well.
    My mother’s had surgery twice in the past two years. They don’t like to perform surgery on someone her age (almost 99 ye gads) but even if she were younger I’d worry.
    I love it that your mother does proofreading for you!

  3. I hope my mother lives to a vigorous 99 and never again needs surgery, Evelyn! They were not super happy to do surgery for her — she is a tiny woman, barely a hundred lbs — but hopefully everything will continue to go well!

  4. Make sure she does incentive spirometry and gets out of bed a lot, but that there are tons of people helping her, so she doesn’t fall and break a hip. Those little old ladies like to get themselves out of bed by themselves sometimes— that usually doesn’t go so well.

  5. She was in a real chair this morning, Alison, so I thought that was surely good. Falling is certainly contraindicated!

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