Monday Update: Crossing Fingers

A lot is going on in my personal life during the back half of March.

Ordinary posts will continue, because I’ve scheduled a lot of posts ahead and I’ll be checking in periodically. There will continue to be things I need to do here and elsewhere no matter what else may be happening.


My mother is having fairly significant surgery today, probably at roughly the time this post is set to go live. The surgery is expected to take about two hours. Prognosis will be unknown until after the surgery, but potentially the outcome could be very positive. On the other hand, my mother is 87 and various complications are not unlikely.


Morgan is due to have puppies on the 20th and Leda is due to have puppies on the 31st, and until living, healthy puppies are out in the world and thriving, terrible things can go wrong. In fact, various horrible things can happen until the puppies are three weeks old. But the most stressful period is the leadup to the due date and the due date itself and the first day or so afterward.

So, good thoughts would be appreciated, and if I seem a bit unresponsive, you’ll know why.

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14 thoughts on “Monday Update: Crossing Fingers”

  1. Also sending good thoughts. My mom turns 87 this month. Complications do happen, but it’s more that recovery can be slow. Make her move !!

  2. Thinking of you, best wishes for your mom’s procedure and recovery and I hope all goes well for the puppies too

  3. Prayers and good wishes for your Mom and you.
    Definitely encourage movement, if possible. It helps a lot. Saw it with my Mom. After getting hit by a car she was mentally better on the days where she had physical therapy. Any kind of stimulation would probably be helpful, though. Convalescent homes are boring.

    And hoping for the best for the puppies from Morgan and Leda.

  4. Good luck with All The Things, Rachel!

    I’ve been spending a lot of time driving my 81-year-old mother around to various doctors for tests lately (and still have so many more to go!). It’s not fun. I hope your mother’s surgery goes well and the prognosis is good.

    And … puppies!

  5. Thank you all!

    They didn’t start until after noon, but the surgery went well and I will go see my mother in a few hours when she is more awake.

  6. I hope your mother is doing well. Sending good thoughts for all the dogs too! Two litters so close together sounds very difficult.

  7. Very difficult is right, Elise! I really did not expect them both to take. BUT, also less difficult in a way. Last time I had two “litters,” it was two single puppies and the mothers shared the puppy care while the babies grew up as sisters.

    Leda is an indifferent mother, but Morgan is likely to pick up the slack. When Leda decides she is done at three weeks, Morgan may be willing to be a good mom for one more week, and that will sure be nice if it works out.

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