Black Dog Series Sale

Just letting you know that the Black Dog series will be on sale March 10 through March 14.

As with the recent Tuyo series sale, the first book is free and the rest reduced in price, sometimes by quite a bit.

If you’ve thought of picking up this series, this is a good time to grab it!

If you already have this series and enjoy it, good time to mention it to a friend.

I have to say, I’m dying to finish up ALL THE REVISIONS and start Silver Circle.

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2 thoughts on “Black Dog Series Sale”

  1. I had an utterly ridiculous distraction.
    I wondered about how one might make a useful silver knife. Silver won’t hold any kind of edge, and is liable to bend irreversibly on impact. So it’s a lousy candidate for a knife. A brief investigation of the periodic table shows
    1. Iron and steel are immiscible with silver.
    2. Ruthenium (eka-iron) is not remotely feasible
    2.5 Technetium obviously doesn’t exist in useful quantities, plus you know, radioactive.
    3. Titanium mixes (with some difficulty) with silver at many percentages, and its alloys have some useful properties. Silver 2% wt titanium can be face hardened, and is somewhat elastic; titanium with 15% wt silver is both much harder than pure titanium and far less reactive.* (Not actually useful as a knife, as it’d be impossible to sharpen, and likely brittle.)
    No articles I could find had more than a few ratios, but “silver-titanium alloy” is plausible.

    * it has medical applications.

  2. Good to know, Pete, and we shall assume that silver knives are actually silver-titanium alloys.

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