Tuyo series sale begins today

I’m sure you know this, but the Tuyo series is massively on sale from today, March 3, through March 7.

UPDATE! The preview jpg files for the paper edition covers just came through. They’re just fine, so I’ve asked for final pdf files. After fixing the half-dozen MORE typos various of you noticed — no one noticed more than three, but there were at least seven altogether — anyway, after fixing those, as soon as the pdf files arrive, I will load the final versions plus the covers and hit publish. They say it can take up to three days for a book to go live, but I expect that will actually happen before that, possibly by the end of the day today, possibly this weekend.

Meanwhile! The ebook of Tasmakat is not going to change in price prior to July 15th because that would be very unfair to people who already preordered it. I’m not sure the price even can be changed prior to the publication date. If I were Amazon, I’d lock the price as soon as the first preorders went through. Besides, I’m not interested in dropping that price. A big, big reason to run this sale in the first place is to push preorders of Tasmakat at that price, which would, in fact, be higher if Amazon didn’t cap the price of ebooks that are entered in KU.

However, the ebook versions of everything prior to Tano has dropped in price, sometimes substantially.

I’m sure you all know this as well, but the main Tuyo series is Tuyo – Tarashana – Tasmakat. This is one story arc.

The “extra titles” in this series are of course Nikoles, a prequel, Suelen, which takes place immediately after Tuyo, and Keraunani, which is concurrent with the first part of Tarashana.

Tano is not exactly an “extra.” This book is, or will be, or I sure intend for it to be, a prequel to a second main trilogy, which will feature Tano as the pov protagonist.

Tano is not dropping in price for this sale. I set the initial price low because it was coming out so close to the sale. The price will probably go up just a bit at the end of the sale or maybe the end of the month, so this is indeed the time to pick it up!

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6 thoughts on “Tuyo series sale begins today”

  1. I’m super excited about this and I’m ready to order some books. Just curious: is this sale only for the USA? I live in Canada and I have to buy through amazon.ca because that’s what my kindle is tied to. Thanks again, and I’m so ready to read Tano!

  2. Jessica, as far as I can tell, when you schedule a free book promo, the price goes to free everywhere. There are no options to select region. But I’m not sure.

    Also as far as I can tell, the ONLY options when setting up a countdown deal are the US and UK. I set countdown deals for Nikoles, Tarashana, Suelen, and Keraunani for both the US and the UK, but I guess maybe that won’t show as reduced prices in Canada. I don’t know why there isn’t a “do it everywhere” option for the countdown deals.

    This isn’t relevant for this particular sale, but because the Death’s Lady series isn’t in KU, I will go in and manually re-set the prices a day or two before that sale is supposed to begin, and I’ll do that in Draft to Digital and Amazon both, and I think that ought to re-set the prices everywhere.

  3. What are the sale prices? I’m only seeing Tuyo marked down and no change for Keranunai and Suelen?

  4. Nicole, I’m seeing everything marked down properly. Are you in the US? The UK? I specifically put in the countdown sales for both.

  5. I’m in Canada. I saw that amazon.ca has Suelen for 6.81, so then I checked amazon.com to see what the sale price was there and I’m seeing an odd thing where the Buy with one click sidebar says 5.01 (which would fit the Cdn price) but there’s a smaller link that says 3.99 to buy only when I click the 3.99 link it doesn’t take me anywhere.

    Can you provide a link? Thanks.

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