If you preordered an ebook, I’m sure you noticed that TANO appeared on your Kindles today, and thank you!

If you’re waiting for it to go live in KU, I expect that’s happened, and thank you!

If you’re waiting for a paper copy, I promise I will hit Publish the moment the covers are provided for paperback and hardcover editions! I guess it’s taking a few days to finish the back cover images. Hopefully this week or surely very early next week.

TANO went to 70 preorders in about three days, which means it dropped as about 34,000 in the Kindle store, which isn’t bad. (Basically, above 100,000 in rank isn’t bad.)

The TUYO series sale begins at midnight on March 3rd, which should quickly lift everything in the series well above that level and will hopefully result in a substantial boost that lasts for several months, both in sales and (with a lag, but often lasting a long time) in KU pages read.

I’m not actually sure what will happen, as the sales I ran last fall (August/September) did not yield anything like the good results of every prior sale I’ve run over the past couple years. That was six months ago, and I deliberately have not done any promotion at all since, partly in order to wait for Amazon to hopefully change their algorithms back to something more useful to me, partly to let sales and pages read fall to the lowest level they were going to so that I could see what that level actually is and also most clearly see the results of the sales this month, and partly in the hope that I would be able to release a book right before this sale. I was surprised that last actually turned out to be possible!

What I hope for, in addition to a lasting boost for the whole series, is a sharp jump in preorders for TASMAKAT. I’ve never before run a sale a long time before the release date for a series novel, and I’m really interested in seeing how this works.

Regardless of everything else, I’m happy to have tossed TANO out into the world for readers to enjoy. I hope you love the story and are enthusiastic for another story from Tano’s pov, probably set at least several years in story-future.

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8 thoughts on “TANO”

  1. I got my parents the hardcover of TUYO for Christmas, and they both loved it. Yesterday I was on the phone with Mom telling her about the upcoming series sale—she’s looking forward to it!

    (I also got one brother-in-law hooked on the series last year—TANO arrived on his birthday today! Thanks for making my present for me. )

  2. Happy book birthday! I’m looking forward to ordering and reading it as soon as the paper version becomes available!

  3. Yaaay, Tano! It was so much fun reading it again and seeing the changes. I thought they were all improvements, and I was thrilled to see a little more Raga at the beginning!

  4. Thank you, Elise! It’s always fun for me to read a book later that I first read in draft.

  5. I really enjoyed this book! I loved how the young men interacted and bonded together, and how they all worked to understand Tano and Varu’s old tribe and what types of trauma went on in it. I loved the inclusion of Marag, and how integral she was to the story, and yet it wasn’t her story, she remained on the periphery. I want to see Tano catch up to Varu in prowess- but — I wonder — could he actually become a poet?

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