TANO enters final-final proofreading!

So, just entered the corrections for two final proofreaders for TANO.

This is somewhat tedious because I’m making identical corrections in the Kindle file, the paperback file, and the hardcover file — so I make the same change three times in three different documents. BUT, though this is tedious, there are now few enough corrections that it is less tedious to do it this way than to destroy the paperback and hardcover versions and recreate them from the corrected Kindle file.

What that means is, not a lot of corrections, yay! This only took, let me see, about half an hour.

By this time you won’t be surprised to hear this, but:

Cathie found 5 more quite dire typos that everyone else had missed.

Hanneke found an incredible 22 MORE obvious, egregious typos that EVERYONE ELSE HAD MISSED. That’s a record so far for unique obvious typos.

All those have now been corrected and I’m going to load the corrected paperback version to KDP and order ONE MORE proofing copy for me to read ONE MORE TIME.

And that’s it. We’re done. I need to fill in the acknowledgments sections and add the page numbers to the ToC for the paper editions and, come to think of it, add a clickable ToC to the ebook edition, because I don’t think I’ve done that yet.

But TANO is basically good to go, and from the time I picked it up to this moment was about two months, and that is ASTOUNDING. Everyone who helped with super-fast turnaround of comments and proofing, thank you so, so much.

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6 thoughts on “TANO enters final-final proofreading!”

  1. I’m glad I was useful, and it wasn’t too much work for you. All the pre-proofing you and your mom did makes a big difference!
    Very happy Tano will be coming out soon!

  2. Hanneke, I can’t believe how big a difference it makes for me to read a couple paper copies. I realize people SAY that helps, but I honestly didn’t think it would make a big difference. But it does.

    Even so, as you see, another two dozen-odd for you to pick up!

  3. I am CHEERING for you all! Sorry I wasn’t able to help with proofing this time but I’m so excited to read the final version.

  4. Yeah, the first time you did the paper pre-proofing and I only found two in the whole book, I really wondered if I hadn’t been paying careful enough attention, and should go over it again before turning it in.
    Finding just one or two in 2/3rds of the chapters was weirdly reassuring to me, in that respect.

  5. To me too, in a weird way, Hanneke. I can hardly believe there could be any more typos, but I expect there are a couple.

    I’m loading new versions of everything because I need to update the Other Works By sections — as soon as TANO is up for preorder I will add a link to it and update all the books to show that link — and you know what else? I will be correcting two egregious typos in TARASHANA as well.

    So honestly, it does seem that typos breed and slowly appear in books that I KNOW were completely clear of typos before …

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