Update: Everything in Revision

Okay, lots of clutter, many smallish tasks. Let me see. All right:

A) Tano is through the first round of proofreading. I made many little comments as I read the paper copy, so it was really last stage revision plus first stage proofreading.

I caught about a dozen more actual typos that no first reader caught. My mother caught another dozen obvious typos that I missed. I hope the typos are about cleared out at this point and I’ll send it out for final proofing maybe tomorrow.

B) Got comments back on No Foreign Sky, so hopefully that should give me clearer sight for that one. I have practically gone blind with it because I’ve read it too often, hence the need for independent points of view.

Just as glad I don’t want to release it till May because it’s really turning into one of those Endless Revision manuscripts.

C) Doing typos and easy revision for Tasmakat, kind of as a break from No Foreign Sky. I do have significant revision in mind for that one, but you know what, it can wait. Easiest stuff first.

I do think it’ll actually be pretty straightforward revision when I get to it.

D) Finally read Spinning Silver! It was really good but also difficult for me to read in places. Great ending, those of you who made that comment, you were right about that. Actual review later.

I’m reading The Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking now.

We had the worst kind of snow last week, by the way, wet and mushy, the kind with mud and slush underneath because it’s too warm for the ground to freeze. And now that the snow melted and turned the whole landscape into a cold marshland, we’ve had a quarter inch of ice to make the roads treacherous. Ugh. It’s been days since the dogs could go for a walk. (Gravel roads, which means disgusting muck, not clean gravel.) Good for getting work done inside, but again, ugh.

Please, how about pretty, fluffy snow next time. Preferably not as much as in Spinning Silver.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Everything in Revision”

  1. I’ve started this ‘faculty success program’ which seems to be all about accountability in small group form, and I like these updates, Bc it seems a lot like accountability in small group form.

    Again, Spinning Silver is well done, but I do not like it, Bc the hate is so exact. &Juliet was charming and fun, but Leopoldstadt is next on the list, if we can get there before the run ends in March.

  2. Hey, if you’re going to write so much, you’re going to have to put up with all this revision, too (grin).

    Hope the comments help!

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