Update: or It may be a little longer

To absolutely no one’s surprise, probably, Tano is going a little longer in draft than I expected or wanted. It’s a hair over 80,000 words as of this morning. I have about two? or three? maybe four? scenes to write. I think about a chapter and a half. So, nearly there! Almost certainly not going to break 90,000, though I wouldn’t actually bet money on that.

Ah, for those innocent days of yore when I worried it might be too short for a novella.

Well, I wasn’t *very* worried.

The revision I was handling in the middle section took a little longer than I would have liked, but that’s all been smoothed out now.

I expect I’ll finish this draft shortly. It’s a bit talky, but I think enough things happen. Not really sure. I will be extremely interested in first-reader opinions. I mean, I always am, but for this one, more so.


I finally finished At the Feet of the Sun. Also The Four Kings. I’ll be posting comments about those later this week, but I liked them both, though not as much as their respective first books.

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3 thoughts on “Update: or It may be a little longer”

  1. Have you read James Scott Bell’s Writing From the Middle? He says there is a point in the middle of your story, a moment that encapsulates the point of the whole book. I don’t usually like writing books, but his books are good.

  2. I do like books about writing, though seldom or never find them helpful. But interesting, definitely. I haven’t read this one. I’ll look it up.

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