Everybody dies (tM)

If you had a penny that doubled every day, how long would it be until a black hole formed from the mass of copper? What if it’s a modern penny, zinc clad in copper?

What would happen if the Earth suddenly slowed by 1,000 mph? Would we feel it?

If a neutron star has a single proton on it for some reason, could it be considered an isotope of hydrogen?

These are Dave Consiglio’s answers on Quora. He’s definitely worth following. He particularly focuses, as you can see, on scenarios where Everybody Dies, though, as you can also see, that’s not his exclusive focus.

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  1. SarahZ, that was the first thing I thought of, too.

    Does anyone know how to get unsubscribed from all Quora emails? The mails themselves do not appear to contain an unsubscribe link.

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