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Okay, so, I do feel (a lot) more secure with having ordered a cover for TANO, as I now have 60,000 words and I’m closing in on a draft. This was a fairly intense week for me, five or six thousand words per day except once when I got mildly stuck and Christmas Day itself, when I barely touched my computer.

Writing this story so fast means a lot of revision is coming up. I think I will be working on that today and tomorrow, then finishing the draft over the next several days. I kind of changed my mind several times about certain things, plus figured out several things, plus there are elements of the penultimate chapter(s) that aren’t entirely clear just yet.

But I do think I may well call this draft finished about Jan 1, and I do suspect that it’ll come in at about 70,000 words, probably a bit more, but just about what I wanted. Revision first, then the last chapters, which I am going to enjoy!


The universe’s Christmas gift to me was a Really Outstanding Reason to finally ditch this laptop, which I have hated for years: the letter “e” came off the keyboard. Yay! Sort of. I mean, this is a nuisance, but (a) I actually can type pretty well despite the key being missing — there’s a little button that still functions — and (b) I really have despised this laptop for a long time, so even though I’m irritated, I’m also semi-pleased.

I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with (hopefully unambiguous) gifts from the universe and good times with family and friends!

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3 thoughts on “updat : Tano, plus Advntur with th lttr e”

  1. *laughs in solidarity*
    My old laptop’s left and right click buttons don’t work, but my new one broke comprehensively a while back, so while it’s been out for repairs, I have been limping along. Hopefully you can find a nicer replacement now that you have an excellent excuse!

  2. my husband’s laptop screen fell off – not the back, the glowing useful part. It was repairable, but disconcerting it happened.

    I like Maingear’s 17″ laptops, because one can never have enough screen space.

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