Ranking Firefly episodes

This is fun: Every Episode Of Firefly Ranked Worst To Best

I have strong opinions on this! At least, on which episodes belong close to the bottom and which ones belong close to the top; I’m sure it’s hard to really sort out the top three and bottom three.

We’ve all seen all the episodes, yes? Including the ones which were never aired? Because the ones that didn’t get shown include some great episodes! I think the DVD and Blu-ray sets have all the episodes. The one where Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda reappears is one of those that wasn’t originally aired, I believe, and imo that episode is close to the top. I shaved off my beard for you, devil woman! What’s that episode called? Oh, right, “Trash.”

I don’t know that this was my very favorite episode, however. I really loved the one where Simon got everyone on board for a heist of a lot of medical supplies. Tons of great stuff in that episode. That was, let me see, “Arial.” But there’s also the one where Serenity is dead in space, only Mal aboard, with tons of great flashbacks beautifully integrated into the frame story. And the one where that bounty hunter breaks into Serenity and River pretends to be even spookier than she usually is. And the one where Mal and Wash wind up in a really terrible situation and the crew breaks them free. Remember that bit at the end where Zoe says, “I think this is something the captain needs to do for himself,” and Mal gasps, “No … no it’s not!” Hah, good times, good times. Now I’m really missing this show.

All right, let me see where this list puts those episodes … ah, I see they rank the episodes from “best” to “bestest,” which honestly seems fair. “Heart of Gold” is at the bottom. I agree. Ah, “Out of Gas,” the one with Mal staggering through the abandoned Serenity, with flashbacks all through the frame story, is their number one. Hard to argue!

Okay, let me wind up this way: Vixy and Tony, possibly the best filk group out there, have done several Firefly filksongs.

Here’s Mal’s song.

And here’s Inara’s song, which has grown on me over time.

And here’s Kaylee’s delightful song.

And, not on a DVD, here’s a song from YouTube about Vera, Jayne’s gun.

Here’s the main website for Vixy and Tony. You can listen to all their songs there, and I suggest you do that. I hardly know which of their songs are my favorites. “My Love was Like the Moon” is up there. So is “Erased,” “Persephone,” “The Girl That’s Never Been” — there’s a great one to sing along to — “Dawson’s Christian” is another that’s especially great that way. “Eight-Legged Blues” is wonderfully funny. And of course, “Uplift” is fantastic.

Well, I didn’t intend to segue into filk, but there you go, enjoy! If anybody knows of a filk group that’s anywhere near as good, please mention them, because I would definitely be interested.

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5 thoughts on “Ranking Firefly episodes”

  1. I agree, Heart of Gold would rank lowest. It seemed a lot more cliché than the rest. I might rank Ariel the highest. The bit at the end where Mal lets Jayne back on the ship was a nice touch.
    What I loved most about Firefly was that I couldn’t predict where the story would go. As in when Mal said “No it’s not!”
    And you know you’ve achieved true fame when there’s a whole series of XKCD cartoons about your show.
    But my favorite Firefly reference is the one from Castle, where Nathan Fillion’s character dresses up as a space cowboy.
    (Can I post links on here or will that send me to the dungeon? )

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