Sale: A knot in the grain by Robin McKinley

In case you like McKinley, but haven’t been completist enough to get this short story collection, A Knot in the Grain is on sale right now for the Kindle version. I have no idea how long this sale will last.

I like some of these stories better than others, but personally, I think “Buttercups” is good enough to justify picking up the collection.

And thanks to commenter Carol for the tip!

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4 thoughts on “Sale: A knot in the grain by Robin McKinley”

  1. I picked this anthology up years ago at our library book sale – and yes, Buttercups is the story I love the most out of it.

  2. It seems to me that a when a book comes on sale, it’s because the author is putting out another book soon. Do you think that’s the case with Robin McKinley? Or has that ship sailed, and she is no longer writing?

  3. Alison, alas, I think it’s unlikely McKinley has a new book coming out. Though I would be delighted to be wrong. From time to time, there are rumors that she might be working on something new, as for example here, but I personally doubt that she’ll complete anything.

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