Speaking of Book Reviews, Here are Some To Check Out

For quite a while, maybe all year, Scott Alexander at Astral Codex Ten has been posting very long book reviews by other people.

This was a contest, with monetary prizes for the book reviews that won.

Here’s the post.

Here are the winners:

So you see, a considerable variety of topics are represented. There are ten others that were finalists and about fifteen or so honorable mentions.

I haven’t read most of these reviews, and none of the books, almost all of which are nonfiction. (The God-Emperor of Dune is here, though! I read that one!)

The few reviews I have read have been really long, thoughtful, and fascinating, and now that links to the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions have all been gathered up into one post, I will probably read more of these reviews, and possibly some of the books. I thought some of you might also like to take a look.

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  1. I rarely read the New Yorker anymore, but their book reviews are always terrific. And, my sister and I would never see a movie without asking each other, ‘What did Pauline say?’

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