Choose Your Own Adventure: Kingfisher and Wombat

Ursula Vernon is laying out a choose-your-own-adventure story on Twitter. It’s highly amusing

This is a use of Twitter that I haven’t personally seen before and I hereby declare that it is The Ideal Use of Twitter.

The story is still ongoing at the time I type this. If you get down to the bottom, you can vote on what Our Hero ought to do next.

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7 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure: Kingfisher and Wombat”

  1. Too bad, SarahZ — I haven’t read through the whole thing, so I’ll have to do that. She did issue a warning that if the protagonist did something truly boneheaded, death would occur. I guess the voters chose boneheaded stupidity over growing turnips. I certainly didn’t vote for safety! I hate turnips!

  2. She said it was fun and she might do another some time. The boneheaded maneuver was trying to outrun rising water. But she did say we had avoided 5 other forms of certain death along the way, so not all the group choices were bad.

  3. Messing around with the horrifying horse skull was probably one of those ways! I was definitely on board with the OH HELL NO option for that one.

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