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Here’s an unexpected post from Terrible Minds: So, AI Art (in this case, using Midjourney) is pretty addictive. 

Chuck says: I’ll dump a handful of the really interesting ones I did here on the blog over the last few weeks. It’s fucking weird, like watching a machine dream art into being.

And then he does. I’m not crazy about the vampire ones, but the robot landscapes are surprisingly … I don’t know. Wistful? They have a mood to them, somehow, even though I know an AI created them.

The AI in question is MidJourney, website here. You can’t play around with this AI without subscribing in one way or another, discussed at the link.

If you missed it, here’s Scott Alexander’s post about using DALL-E to generate stained-glass-window style art.

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2 thoughts on “AI Art”

  1. Ursula Vernon has been using a couple ai engines to make the backgrounds in a webcomic she’s posting to Twitter periodically. It’s interesting to read her take on what they’re good for and what they can’t manage

    She also uses it to generate art prompts; she’ll poke at it until an image comes out that she wants to fix up

  2. Generating backgrounds sounds like a great practical application for this kind of program.

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