Suelen Hardcover: Out Soon —

I hadn’t really intended to do a hardcover for Suelen because it seemed pretty short and the smallest size for a hardcover is 6×9.

But a reader asked me about that, and actually I sort of wanted a hardcover copy myself, so I went back to the cover artist and asked them to do a hardcover version. Which they did, and so I just hit “publish” on that. It turns out to be just about the same length as Nikoles. Not sure how, since it’s about 15,000 words shorter, but so it is.

If you too would like a hardcover copy, it should appear on Amazon in a few days.

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4 thoughts on “Suelen Hardcover: Out Soon —”

  1. Beautiful cover. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of art you’ve been able to get for your covers.

  2. Thanks, Allan! I found this artist via a Facebook group that connects cover artists with writers, but I contacted them about Tuyo because their gallery showed they could do landscape-heavy covers. They do a great job! And they’re very professional!

  3. Great, Kriti! That was fast! I’ve ordered a couple author copies for myself as well.

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