Out today!

I’m sure most of you know this, but Suelen is out today!

I certainly hope you enjoy it. I did.

Also, though the ramifications of this story do not become visible in Tarashana, they do in Tasmakat. Just this morning, I was working on a scene that would have been impossible if the events in Suelen had not occurred two years earlier.

Those of you who preordered this book, thank you! Preorders paid for the cover AND for a good portion of the promotion I’m running on Tuyo over the next week.

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2 thoughts on “Out today!”

  1. I did enjoy it, so much! What a lovely little book. I think it’s my favourite of the three Tuyo world novellas so far. The only problem is it’s too short. It leaves us with so many questions – I really really want to know how Suelen and Tasa manage going forward, how the rest of the Ugaro, and the Lao, react to these events. An epilogue would have been nice, or another chapter or 3, or 5. Anyway, I’m glad of the hints here that there may be some follow up in Tasmakat, I’ll look forward to that. I could gush some more about all the things this book does right, but I know I don’t have to push it on the people here, and I don’t want to risk adding spoilers. So I’ll just say thank you Rachel! It was a delight to read it once, and I’m looking forward just as much to the re-reads.

  2. Thank you so much, Melanie! I’ll be happy to go beyond just hints and assure you that, early in Tasmakat, we do indeed learn more about the ripples that have spread out from the events in Suelen. I think there’s almost no chance I’ll cut the scenes I just wrote. Tasmakat is likely to be long enough to suit anyone, as I’m 150 pp into it and haven’t even gotten back to the summer country yet — but we’re going to need the setup that’s occurring in this early section.

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