If you’re Enjoying the Puppy Posts

I can’t get my phone to send this video to my email, but I CAN get it to upload videos to Facebook. HERE is a super-cute video of Puppies One and Three playing with Naamah.

If you don’t have time to watch even a very short and very cute video — you should enable the volume, by the way, because their tiny puppy barking is highly adorable — but here is a photo of Boy Three, totally crashed after playing

Plump Boy Three likes to sleep right next to the water dish, probably because it’s cooler there than on the dog bed. He’s going to tick over four pounds tomorrow, by the way.

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6 thoughts on “If you’re Enjoying the Puppy Posts”

  1. Baby Gimli always slept by his water dish when we brought him home, and now that it’s getting hot again he still does. What darling puppies!

  2. They are very cute, and I’m definitely enjoying them.

    A fine occasional distraction from what is going on here: my father is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, metastatised to his liver. I’ve taken carer’s time off (compassionate leave?) and am staying at his house to take care of him until the end, as he wishes to die at home.
    He has high hopes of rejoining my mother in Heaven, and is mostly at peace with going to her, though grumbly about being sick.
    It is more all-consuming and tiring than I had expected when I started this, three weeks ago, and the doctors still give him “weeks to months”, so we just hang in there and I try to keep him as comfortable as possible. He is sleeping a lot, and eating steadily less, and doesn’t have enough energy left to keep himself warm even though it’s summer: he needs three blankets and two hot water bottles to sit up for an hour or two, to eat something or talk to visitors, before going back to bed exhausted. Hard to see happening to someone I love.

    Sorry for the sad story reply on your happy post, but I’ve been wanting to tell you, and the cute puppies really do give me a bit of cheer amid the cares.

  3. Hanneke, sending virtual hugs. Being a caregiver is exhausting. My mother is still here physically, but she’s going away mentally. It wears you down.

    All the more reason to be grateful for puppy pictures. Thank you, Rachel!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, Hanneke. It’s so hard to watch a loved one decline, but I’m sure your father is SO glad to be at home. I hope he can stay comfortable enough at home and I sure hope you don’t get too worn down. Very, very tough.

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