Gratuitous puppy Pics: Morgan as Second Mom

Morgan, AKA Anara Morgan Le Fey, is my black-and-tan girl. She’s actually Leda’s niece, though you wouldn’t guess it to look at her, since they look nothing alike. I mean nothing alike even disregarding color. I grant, the color is what strikes people first.

Anyway, Morgan had puppies last year and she has been dying to check out Leda’s boys. Also, Leda herself is rather off motherhood as a thing. She’s willing to nurse the puppies when I tell her she needs to do that, and then she spends about two minutes extra with them, and then she’s done. And guess who’s willing to step in and cuddle the babies? Exactly!

How, you may ask, does Leda feel about this? Well:

She wasn’t entirely sure at first. Here Leda is checking in with the puppies to make sure they’re fine even though Morgan is with them. She stayed to supervise for about one minute and then thought, sure, seems fine, and off she went, leaving Morgan with her babies.

Extraordinarily cute Boy 3 shows off his adorable little face. The black background is, yes, mostly Morgan. You can sort of make out the tan markings on her face if you look hard, but she’s largely playing the role of a photographic backdrop here.

So our schedule right now is: Leda nurses the puppies and then leaves them, then Morgan joins them for an hour or two of quality cuddling.

I’ll try to get good face shots of the other puppies — usually it’s very difficult unless they’re asleep!

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