Final Version Loaded to Amazon

Okay, here we go — I just loaded the final version of Shines Now to KDP. All ready to go, comfortably before the due date. I’ll load the finished version to Draft to Digital for distribution via other venders shortly and have that ready to go as well. The big difference is, if one forgets to strip out all Amazon links, the book will be kicked back out of several other platforms. Which makes perfect sense; it’s just I have to remember to clear out the hyperlinks because ouch, not a great thing to forget.

Linda S — the final proofreader for this one — noted that this is her favorite Death’s Lady story. I hope you all enjoy it too!

A long time ago, Kuomat walked into the woods, abandoning his place in the world of men. For years he’s lived as an outlaw, with little to do with ordinary townsfolk. But when Jenna asked him for help in the name of Death’s Lady and of the king of Talasayan, Kuomat chose to involve himself in the affairs of the great.

That did not go unnoticed.

Now Kuomat has one last chance to step out of the forest and return to the world … if he can bring himself to take it.

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