What One Sequel Would You Like to Write?

So, I was just thinking about the way I sometimes finish a series and start writing a scene in my head that’s set in that world. Mental fanfic, I guess. The point is, a scene that I would have liked a lot isn’t in the series, or I’d like an extended epilogue, or maybe I have a clear idea where I’d like the story to go following the end of the book. I don’t know how many people do that, but since fanfiction undoubtedly grows out of the same urge, obviously quite a few.

If you were going to actually sit down and do that — if you could do that with relative ease, let’s say — your life didn’t have too many distractions and the words were going to flow and you were pretty confident that you could capture the tone and voice of the original — what would you find most tempting?

For me it would be The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison.

Here’s why:

–I have in my head, right now, a detailed plot arc involving Maia and his nephew Prince Idra.

–I also have in my head a basic plot arc involving Maia and his soon-to-be empress, Csethiro Ceredin.

–I want to deal with the problem of the military installation built on top of that holy site up in the north. That’s terrible. I want to build a metaphorical bridge to those people and get that problem sorted out.

–The actual real bridge sounds very cool. I would like to build it.

–I’m not particularly interested in Thara Celehar. His passivity and willingness to let people bully him turned me off in Witness for the Dead. I want Addison to go back and write the story I actually want to read. Or, if not that, then I want to write the story I want to read.

So, for me, this is a pretty easy choice.

How about it? Any of you wish you could drop other projects and write a sequel for someone else?

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5 thoughts on “What One Sequel Would You Like to Write?”

  1. I always start and end with Bujold. Arde Mayhew was probably the least heroic character she wrote but I always wondered – what happened to him after he gave Cordelia a ride out of Beta Colony and before he met Miles. Or after Miles left the Denndarii. Armsman Roic is another under explored character. I love the novella Winterfair Gifts and I was so glad to see his point of view represented in Cryoburn. But there is room for so much more with him. And Byerly Vorrutyer. I read a few fanfics starring Byerly, so I know my fascination is not singular.

    There was a romance author I loved to read when I was young, Laura London. I think it was actually a husband and wife writing team, along the lines of Ilona Andrews. Anyway, they wrote Regency romances, which have always been a soothing type of escape read for me. And they had a few with secondary characters that just begged to be the center of a book – I usually liked them better than the hero. My favorite book was The Windflower, and as I remember, there were at least three characters, all pirates, whom I had mentally composed entire volumes on. Naturally the heroine was a lot like me. Only cooler.

  2. I have wanted to write a sequel to LM Montgomery’s Jane of Lantern Hill ever since I first read the book. (I actually did write a fanfic sequel ages ago, but I’d definitely rather do an “official” sequel.) Even though the ending of the book is perfect, Jane herself is such a unique and interesting character that I’ve always wanted to know more about what the rest of her life was like–even if I have to write it myself.

    I would love to read a proper sequel to The Goblin Emperor–I share your feelings on Witness for the Dead–but I don’t have enough ideas as to how one ought to go to think of writing it myself. Your version sounds fantastic.

  3. Wait.
    I mean just… wait.
    Did I miss a comment? Seriously?
    I mean… am I the only person to vote for “Sunshine” as book Most In Need Of A Sequel?

  4. Evelyn, it’s right up there! I want that sequel SO MUCH, even more than I want the sequel of Pegasus.

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