The Ten Best Things You can Do For Your Manuscript

Here’s another post from The Intern’s blog: The Ten Best Things You Can Do for Your Manuscript. The positive tone of this post appealed to me:

INTERN is feeling extremely wonderful and happy today and wanted to fill the world with yes’s instead of no’s, do’s instead of don’ts. Here, then, are the ten most wonderful and useful things you can do you for your manuscript to give it the best possible chance of growing up big and strong.

See? There are never enough people feeling wonderful and happy and wanting to fill the world with yes’s; let’s by all means focus on this post for a minute or two, right?

The last suggestion is facetious, and some of the suggestions are perhaps less than totally helpful, but some are good, and funny:

2. Run more tests on it than a three-year old applying for an exclusive Manhattan pre-school.

INTERN has already posted about the Electric Kool-Aid Conflict Test method of making sure your manuscript has enough tension. But you could and should devise other draconian tests for your baby Einstein.

Pick a page at random. Can you identify what’s at stake in a particular scene? Is every sentence your finger lands on brilliant? Can your manuscript recite the alphabet, sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” and know the word for “octagon”? No cheating!

By all means click through and read the whole thing.

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