Planning to be Exhausted for a few days

I thought they’d all died, so this is great. Four, all boys, out of the original five puppies.

Leda is tired and uncomfortable, and hasn’t recognized the babies yet, the babies aren’t yet nursing, but everything is a thousand times better now that the puppies are out where I can take care of them.

Update: Leda has no interest in the puppies, except she growls if the other dogs try to go in the puppy room. Progress, maybe? She’s not too uncomfortable any more. Dogs recover from a section much, much faster than women.

All the puppies are nursing well. Leda doesn’t yet have enough milk, perfectly normal after an early section, so I’m tube-feeding just a few ccs now and then.

Teeny boy is teeny, BTW. Boy 4 is just 120 grams, 4.33 oz. That’s 70 grams less than the next smallest. He was right next to the little dead female puppy — probably her death caused or was caused by the dire progesterone drop two weeks early — anyway, probably the contamination held him back. But he seems quite normal, just very small. I’m hopeful he will be fine.

Still going to be really tired for a couple days. Reading the next Phoenix Feather book. Not planning even to look at my laptop.

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8 thoughts on “Planning to be Exhausted for a few days”

  1. H. Nieuwenhuijzen

    Four tiny cute puppies, that is a lot!
    I hope you all recover quickly and well.
    Sorry I hadn’t realised anything was going wrong, I’m glad Leda and these 4 made it through the difficulties alright.

  2. I don’t like to share bad stuff. I maybe shouldn’t have mentioned these babies yet … I sure hope nothing goes wrong!

  3. Just coming back to say I’ve been thinking of you and the puppies every day and sending good thoughts for them all to thrive.

  4. Thank you, Mary Beth! The week has been complicated, but the puppies are thriving, even the teeny one.
    He’s up over five ounces now, with almost no tube feeding to support him.

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