Who was Kuomat?

Oh, hey, just noticed, the sequel to The Death’s Lady trilogy comes out exactly a month from today!

A long time ago, Kuomat walked into the woods, abandoning his place in the world of men. For years he’s lived as an outlaw, with little to do with ordinary townsfolk. But when Jenna asked him for help in the name of Death’s Lady and of the king of Talasayan, Kuomat chose to involve himself in the affairs of the great.

That did not go unnoticed.

Now Kuomat has one last chance to step out of the forest and return to the world … if he can bring himself to take it.

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Haven’t yet tried the trilogy? Well, here’s an Amazon review that might persuade you to give it a try:



5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely brilliant, so glad they came out all at once

Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2021

I’m so glad that all three books in this trilogy came out at the same time so that I could run screaming from one book to the next. (Well, I wasn’t screaming… out loud, anyway.) There’s so much that can be said about the world-building, the characters, the conflicts, the sheer wisdom and reflections built into that world.

Okay, just as an aside, I’m not going to gut myself with that sword so I can meet Lord Death. But everyone else in the book, minus a villain or two, I would love to sit down and chat with. As long as they weren’t asking me to take part in their martial art instructions. Horseback riding I can handle, even roughing it in a non-tech world, but coordination and swords, not so much.

If you like fantasy, great storytelling, tales of new worlds, new beginnings, and a bucketful or two of peril, you’ll love this story. Great for fans of Lois McMaster Bujold, Garth Nix, Brandon Sanderson, and the like.

Altogether, simply a wonderful, engaging, and enthralling adventure. Would give it 10 stars if I could.

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2 thoughts on “Who was Kuomat?”

  1. I am so looking forward to this story, and I am hoping the helpful couple on the road may also be revisited. I can’t wait for Suelen, Invictus, and the next book in the Tuyo series. Is there any possibility you will work on a third book in the Floating Islands series? Bc, not only have we established that many, many people would like to go there for the food, but I would like to know how Areane and Ceiefei and Trei and Areane’s cooking friend are doing.

  2. Rachel Neumeier

    If I write anything else in the Death’s Lady series, I will try hard to bring that helpful couple back in for a cameo.

    And yes, I have notes for a third Islands book. If I ever get the rights to the first book back, I will definitely write the third; if not, I may still. There are some very neat scenes I would like to write for it, which makes it a lot more likely that eventually I will!

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