BVC Is Back In Business

Today, March 9, is the official re-opening of Book View Cafe’s new website.

All the bugs have been worked out, all the links ought to go where they’re supposed to go, all the book descriptions and author descriptions should be accurate — mine was funny but almost completely false for a while — and basically this is a great day to click over and check out the website.

ESPECIALLY since there’s a BIG SALE today only, with a WHOLE LOT of books set to half off. Click through to the site here and check out the sale. I not only checked each link for my own books, but I bought them myself to make very, very sure that the purchasing process is smooth. It does seem to be.

This is definitely the day to check out the updated site if you haven’t yet done so.

UPDATE: there was a glitch this morning. The sale is working now. I just bought two books to make absolutely sure.

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8 thoughts on “BVC Is Back In Business”

  1. Are you sure? Not only did they not put any announcement on their blog (subscribed and sort of check occasionally for years), but I went to their site and nothing.
    I mean, yes, it’s not quite as broken as it was last time I checked it, so that’s a plus. But no obvious discounts on anything (the “Specials” page does have two free books, but that’s all), no discounts on any book listed on the front page, no discounts on a bunch of random books I checked just in case…
    Are they region locking this? I’m not used to that level of regional pricing from smaller publishers, so I doubt that.

    Also, while the redesign with larger book covers is pretty, it has some glaring functionality issues. Author pages (and search results) don’t have any sort options, and don’t list series info for books (which I’m fairly sure the old design did show). The author pages (unlike search results) don’t even have book prices on them.

    And I still don’t get why, since they have both epub and mobi formats anyway, they force customers to choose which format to purchase, instead of purchasing a book and getting access to all available format. But that’s an old issue…

  2. And it seems they just, at some point, dropped all old customer accounts, instead of transferring them. Oh, well.

  3. OK, so now they changed it, and there’s a large-ish (but very missable, especially since it’s the same color scheme of the generic banner they had before) banner at the top of the main page, stating that the discount will be automatic. So they’re not modifying shown book prices, which is a lot less obvious, but sure… Except, added some books, go to checkout (passing the minimum of 3.99 listed, and no discount).
    I’m assuming it’s still work-in-progress, and instead of modifying an off-site copy and updating everything, they’re doing it on the live site step by step? And you published this a little too early? In any case, really really off time for me, so I guess I’ll take a look again “tomorrow” and see.
    Thanks for the notice anyway.

  4. I was told it would be today, Yaron, and I’m puzzled if the discount isn’t working, but I’m also not sure what effect time zones might be having. Though if the discount banner is showing, I’d think the sale would be live for sure.

    I just added four books to my own shopping cart and I agree that there’s no sign a discount is being applied. Huh.

    Edit: Now it is. I think the glitch has been fixed.

  5. Now they apply the discount.
    And… when I try to actually pay, I get an error. Apparently paypal (which they use whether choosing to use a paypal account or credit-card) is has a problem with “the street address in your shipping address”.

    For ebooks, which shouldn’t be shipped. BVC pass to paypal the billing address (which they require, and which doesn’t have an option to list street) as a shipping address, overriding even the shipping address I have with paypal in my account.

    So, BVC require filling in a billing address even though they shouldn’t, don’t have street address as a part of that billing address, pass it to paypal as a shipping address and telling paypal address is required (paypal generally does allow not to use an address, since unlike BVC they’re aware digital goods and other non-shippable exist, but the shop site can force it like BVC does), thereby making it impossible to actually order.

    I’m sending them an email to customer support, but I’m assuming the site is broken, and won’t be fixed by the end of the sale, which is… well…

  6. I’m sorry you had so much trouble, Yaron. I have no clue why a shipping address would be required. I hope you get a good response from customer support, including a big coupon.

  7. Hi, just wanted to add that they indeed sorted it out eventually (the more critical issue of the paypal error that didn’t allow purchasing anything, not the address requirement), though it took a little while.
    And they did provide a coupon for the books I wasn’t able to get in the sale, for a somewhat even higher discount.

  8. Thanks for letting me know, Yaron! I’m glad it was eventually sorted out properly. I saw some discussion about problems, so I hope ALL the issues have been fixed at this point.

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