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Whew, now that the Black Dog sale is over, I finally feel that it’s reasonable to announce that Shines Now, and Heretofore is available for preorder as a Kindle ebook. The preorder went live a week or two ago, but it seemed weird to announce it before the other sale was over.

Yes, I will release it widely, but I don’t even know if Draft to Digital has a preorder option or not. I’ll do my best to hit publish over there at about the same time Shines Now goes live at Amazon. Which will be May 21, by the way, which gives me all the time in the world to incorporate the suggestions of a final beta reader and then start the lengthy proofreading process. In fact, maybe I should start that now, even before final revisions, as I want to do several proofing iterations before I ask anyone else to do it.

Meanwhile, I’ll be interested to see whether Shines Now beats my other preorders. It might, considering it will be available as a preorder for close to three times as long as anything else I’ve ever put up for preorder, but on the other hand I haven’t run nearly as many sales on this series as my other series, so we’ll see.

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait!

    D2D does indeed have a preorder option. The only caveat is that you must upload either a complete file or no file at all until you’re ready for release (i.e., no sample chapters only.)

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