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The Book View Cafe website redesign and the massive amount of stuff going on behind the scenes has all been finished, or nearly so. Therefore, here is the new —

Book View Cafe blog

Which today features a post by Steven Popkes about handling multiple points of view

This part of the discussion covers two questions: how to approach multiple POVs and how to manage them. The first is an esthetic discussion of how one could present multiple POVs. The second is mechanical: how to keep track of all those POVs over a long narrative.

This can definitely be a challenge. I’ve done multiple points of view more often than not — usually two, or two primary points of view, but sometimes more. I think Winter of Ice and Iron has more points of view than any other book of mine. Kehera and Innisth are the protagonists, but a lot of secondary characters carry the pov here or there — Tiro, Gereth, a couple of others very briefly.

Personally, I have a list of chapters with that shows pov character and page count so I can keep track of how much of the narrative each character is carrying. I only switch pov at chapter breaks. Well, that’s not quite true: every now and then, usually not more than once per book, I do switch pov in the middle of a chapter. I don’t like to do that and always consider simply having some very short chapters instead, but every now and then I’ve done it. Steven Popkes has used more different tools to keep track of points of view than I ever have, so click through if you’re interested in various ideas for how to manage that.

And here is the new —

Home page, where new releases are featured.

By an amazing coincidence, two of my backlist titles are being featured today. Of course I put off this post until today for that reason, but honestly, the site only went live in the last week or two, so it seemed okay to hold off mentioning it till today.

I’m putting out Door Into Light and The Sphere of the Winds through BVC because, well, it’s a total non-brainer to do that, so much so that I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of doing so first, before any other book of mine. These have never been in KU, so there is literally no downside whatsoever to putting them out through BVC as well as everywhere else.

I like the new browsing feature — browsing by genre — shown here. There was quite a bit of discussion about which genres to include, as you can imagine. Too many would create deleterious clutter; too few would prevent people from selecting genres and subgenres they prefer; thus discussion. I think the genres selected are a good compromise. Four Fantasy categories; three categories for Historicals; Paranormal shown next to Romance; Space Opera broken out of Science Fiction, etc. Of course people then had to decide what to call their books. Click through and browse to see if you agree with where everyone put their titles.

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