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Just for fun this Friday —

Quite a few odd questions turn up on Quora. Here is one I saw recently that made me pause:

What are not the characteristics of a volcano?

And here is my favorite answer.

Click through and enjoy. I didn’t chuckle out loud until the twelfth item on the list.

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3 thoughts on “Entertaining Quora Q&A”

  1. Was that the “Gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad” response? That’s my favorite opening line from a book. When we were kids, my dad joined the Book of the Month club (for about a month) and you got to pick three book collections when you joined. One that he picked was “The Swashbucklers” which Included The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and the book which this line comes from: Scaramouche. We didn’t have television for about half the year (we lived in the mountains and foliage makes a difference in antenna reception) so we read and reread all the books we owned. I liked The Scarlet Pimpernel best as a kid, but as I grew older I really came to enjoy Scaramouche. And I LOVE that line. “He was born With a gift for laughter and I sense that the world was mad.”

  2. Yep, that’s the line. I’ve never actually read Scaroumouche, but I recognized the line. It’s on my Kindle, but I just haven’t read it. I liked The Scarlet Pimpernel too, though!

  3. I enjoyed the new Black dog book. Except for one thing: “expello” feels too Harry Potter-ish (yeah, it isnt expellarmus, but still.) Maybe “expulso” or “que expulsa” instead.

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