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Pete Mack asks: Will I have a sale of early Black Dog books as the 4th collection is released?


There will be a big sale on the entire Black Dog series starting February 26th.

Here is a link to the series page on Amazon.

If you are signed up for my newsletter and did not know about this upcoming sale, please let me know, because I did send out a newsletter announcement in late January with the dates of both the Tuyo series sale, now over, and the upcoming Black Dog sale. This year, I will try to be more active in sending out newsletter announcements in a timely fashion, so if you are not currently signed up for my newsletter, you may want to sign up. If you thought you were but didn’t get a newsletter, I will look into that.

As before, this is a sale with very heavy discounts, especially for the earliest books in the series. This is absolutely the time to pick up everything in the series. If you haven’t got anything at all in the series, if you think you might ever want to try it, this is the time to pick up at least the earliest four or so, maybe the whole thing. (I mean, from my point of view, definitely the whole thing.)

If you aren’t sure, let me draw your attention to this recent comment from Evelyn Hill:

And while I do like all of your stories, I most appreciate that you got me to eat my words, so to speak. I used to swear that I would never ever like a story about shifters. For me they’re right up there with love triangles and sparkly vampires. But the first BD story used shifting as a way to describe developing self control over one’s more negative thoughts and urges and I thought that was kinda cool so I kept reading. Plus, I liked the characters :)

See there? If you like other books of mine, give this series a try, even if shifters and so on aren’t really your cup of tea!

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