Conclusions about Proofreading

Okay! I can now say with confidence that reading a book carefully, in paper, with a pencil in my hand, twice in quick succession, is NOT ENOUGH to catch errors.

Linda S., with a bit of help from Mike S., caught roughly one zillion more typos and repeated phrases and so forth.

What did work: when I read a book, carefully, in paper, with a pencil, twice — and then waited three weeks and did it again. That’s how I did it with Keraunani, and final proofreaders caught a lot fewer typos. A lot fewer.

It’s just astounding how many typos I missed with two paper-edition read-throughs. I spent two incredibly tedious hours last night fixing all those dratted typos, growing more irritating and disbelieving with every exasperating minute.

I think taking time between one read-through and the next is crucial. Sure seems that way, based on two data points. Next time I’ll do it that way for sure.

Meanwhile, I just loaded the corrected version of the ebook and the paperback and ordered ONE MORE preview copy of the paperback edition, which of course is extremely long because it contains BDSS III and IV. I’m going to very tediously go through it AGAIN, but I sure don’t think there can be a lot left to catch.

Incidentally, there was one typo in Keraunani which none of you have spotted, evidently; and one minor continuity error which again none of you have pointed out. The former I spotted because of the audio version is in progress and I heard it. The latter just leaped out at me for no obvious reason when I was skimming through part of the story not that long ago.

I just fixed both of those errors for each edition. I’m not sure what the holdup is for the paperback cover. I will nudge the artist about that again today.

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