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Big sale on the Kindle ebooks in the Tuyo series today until February 2nd.

Tuyo will be free for these five days; Nikoles and Tarashana will be substantially reduced in price; Keruanani will be held at the low price at which I released it.

On Feb 2nd, the free promotion and countdown deals will end. At that point, I’ll go in and reduce prices manually, though at that point nothing will be free.

I’m going to try holding prices down until Feb 15th or so, as I understand this can result in a larger and longer-lasting boost to KU pages read than raising prices after the initial five days. After that, I’ll put prices back up and see how that looks after a month or two.

So … if you’re thinking of recommending this series to friends (and please do!), then today until Feb 2 is the ideal time to make that recommendation.

On a different but related note:

I do get asked sometimes whether I plan to take the Tuyo series wide. I’m sorry, but I have no immediate plans to do that.

From the beginning, this series has been by far my best performing series in KU pages read. On a month in which direct sales and KU reads are as low as they get, the main titles of this series show six and a half times more pages read than the next best non-Tuyo titles. Even Nikoles shows three times more pages read than the next best. On months when I run a sale on Tuyo, and for about two months afterward, sometimes longer, the main series titles do a lot better than that. Even after a promotion of the Black Dog series, those books still don’t approach the Tuyo titles in KU pages read.

At the moment, it seems very plain that my royalties would be instantly crushed if I took this series out of KU.

I will be experimenting with “wide” strategies this year with the Death’s Lady trilogy. If and when it seems to me that it may be realistically possible for “wide” sales to come anywhere close to replacing KU pages read, that’s when I may take the Tuyo series wide.


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3 thoughts on “Free Today!”

  1. I found you through Tuyo and I admit KU helped because I was new to you and it was easy to borrow and read. Also for me the cover was intriguing. Tuyo series has really cool covers. I just finished Winter of Ice and Iron today. I loved Innisth and to a certain extent Kehera. Wished it was longer. Not sure if I liked the ending perfectly but it wasn’t unsatisfactory. I read the crown of stars by Kate Elliott and when the ending came I was so angry. I know logically the ending made sense but I felt cheated somehow. I wanted the capable prince to be the king and get his HEA as well. I am going to try another book of yours this weekend. Thanks for all the good stories.

  2. I finally read the entire Black Dog series and having a really bad book hangover. I am feeling like Feb 25 cannot come soon enough. Love all the stories! I’ve started Mountain of Kept Memory this morning. I also got the griffin mage trilogy but after reading first few pages (and nothing particularly grabbing my interest yet), decided to read MKM first.

    So far I’ve enjoyed all your books I’ve read. I’m hoping to go through your entire list. Hope you are OK. When I read Patricia Brigg’s Alpha & Omega: Burn Bright, in the first few chapters, I was so overwhelmed with grief and loss (that the characters were feeling) and was sobbing my heart out. Later I realized that PB lost her husband right before she wrote that book and that it was very likely what I felt was her heartache and sorrow that she put on paper. The poems you posted really resonated with me and I hope they brought you ease.

  3. Thanks, Htet Htet — I hope you enjoy Mountain!

    I know several stories like that. Barbara Hambly wrote a very, very dark book under similar circumstances, for example. I’m pretty sure I would quit writing for a couple of years rather than write something that dark.

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