Possibly the best-Ever Title for a Blog Post

Over at tor.com: Let Gandalf Star in a Musical, You Cowards

I don’t know about you but I sure laughed. If anybody is considering a musical starring Gandalf, I was 100% unaware of that, but if this title isn’t literal, what in the world?

[W]hat McKellen wants is to star in a musical.

“I don’t feel I have much to prove in my career anymore, so why not just do the things I enjoy doing, like getting in front of an audience and entertaining them,” he told BBC Radio’s 4 Today.

Like so many other actors, McKellen appeared in Cats. He played Gus, the theatre cat, who seems to be a tired gent who sort of talk-sings. … In the BBC interview, McKellen said, “I can hold a tune but I’m not a proper singer.”

That’s good enough! (See: Rex Harrison’s entire career.) Surely we can find a musical that suits his talents. 

Ah, so no one else is exactly considering this, but Ian McKellen himself would like to star in a musical! Okay! Well, I’m totally on board with that. I enjoy musicals and I bet McKellen would do a great job even if he isn’t a proper singer.

Or, you know, they could make Rogers: The Musical a real thing. As far as I’m concerned, McKellen can play whichever of the Avengers he likes. It’s theater! He doesn’t actually have to punch anyone for real! Just let the magic happen.

Sounds good to me!

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