Progress Report: Things Are happening

Okay! This morning, I hit “Publish” for the Keranuani ebook. I bet that will be live by the end of the day, and hopefully linked to the series well before the Tuyo series sale starts on Jan 29th.

I don’t have the paperback cover yet, but I’ll hit publish on that as soon as I do. Everything is ready to go there as well.

I’m looking forward so much to you all getting to read Keraunani — I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I do!

This morning, I also finished up the final revision of and second proofreading pass through the 4th Black Dog collection. I’m pretty happy with these novellas, with the order I’ve got them in, with how each story feeds into the next or looks forward at the 5th novel, Silver Circle, and basically with everything to do with these stories. I’ll be sending them out to final proofreaders in a few minutes and look forward to loading final editions for preorder sometime this week.

Onward with Suelen, the Tuyo-world novella. That’s next, and since I do think the draft is in good shape, should be ready to go to first readers by the end of the week.

Kuomat, the Death’s-Lady-world novella, went out to first readers last week. I’ve asked the cover artist to schedule the cover for this one, so that’s in order.

I should be able to move forward with Invictus, the mostly finished SF novel, in February. This will be the first real project of 2022. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get stuck again with it, but I ought to have the story clear enough now to prevent that from happening.

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10 thoughts on “Progress Report: Things Are happening”

  1. I gave TUYO to my brother in law at Christmas, and this week he excitedly told me that he finished it, LOVED it, and is looking for the next one—so you’ve timed your sale perfectly, haha.

    Excited to go push KERAUNANI at everyone now!

  2. It didn’t show up when I searched for your author name on Amazon, only when I searched author name + title. Purchased, downloaded and will start when I finish what I promised The Teen I’d read next (halfway through it).

  3. It’s fun so far. An adventure story and a comedic drama combined! Very low stress, complete with … er Shakesperean disguisem

  4. Thanks, Pete! It’s actually not entirely clear how far you’ve gotten because there are a couple places you might think of, um, Shakespearean disguisism.

  5. I don’t see it on your author page, even sorting by publication date. OTOH, it *is* linked from the Tuyo series page, and all the others are updated to show that as four books in the series, so that’s good.

    And I see it already has its first review, an enthusiastic five stars.

  6. I’ll give it a couple days — I’m pretty sure it’ll appear on my author page without my having to do anything. But I must make a note to check next week! [makes note now]

  7. I did like the book! Not sure how I feel about the small part of Tasmakat you added on- Ryo reminds me a little of Ariantes, where he can’t help but be princely, and it hurts me when he messes up, or when Ares screws up his oath.

  8. Oh, Ariantes! I love him. I think Island of Ghosts was (yet another) influence behind Tuyo.

    Glad you enjoyed Keraunani, and we’ll see how Tasmakat looks when it’s finished. I do hereby promise a happy ending. (Surely no one is in much doubt about that.)

  9. I enjoyed it thoroughly: it makes excellent light reading. The bandit reminded very much of Crane. The shenanigans in the other story were highly entertaining.

  10. Exactly, Pete — the thing with the bandits is my comment on how that sort of thing ought *ideally* to be resolved.

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