Coming up for 2022

In case you’re interested:

Here is my schedule of stuff to do during the first half of 2022:

1) Hit publish on Keraunani. I have seen a draft of the cover and expect to approve the final cover soon, probably this week. I will post it here, of course! As soon as a final cover is available, I will hit publish.

I’ve scheduled a sale for Tuyo and the whole series starting January 29, with the main sale going for five days. Keranauni should be up before that sale begins, barely. I will set the price low at first to try to capitalize on the series promotion, so you should all definitely pick it up when it drops. I’ll be putting prices for all the books back up, I don’t know, maybe not till the end of February. I hear the KU boost can last longer if you hold the prices down for a while.

2) Final revision of the Black Dog novellas and, simultaneously, first proofing.

3) Second proofread of the Black Dog novellas.

4) Put the 4th Black Dog collection, plus the paper version that collects III and IV together in one volume, both up for preorder.

5) Final proofread of the Black Dog novellas (this is when a couple of you will get the request to proofread).

Black Dog and that whole series will be on sale starting February 26th, and again, that sale will go for five days. Whether the 4th collection is up for preorder before that sale depends almost entirely on my ability to get the final revisions completed in a timely fashion; eg, preferably in the next few days. But most likely I will have it up for preorder well before that sale begins and set it to publish as the sale starts.

6) Revise Suelen, the Tuyo-world story about the Lau surgeon who goes into the winter country. Send that out to first readers. It’s in good shape right now, so I see no reason I can’t have this done quite soon. Then no doubt further revision, then proofing. I should have the cover in April, so I am thinking of May as the probable publication month.

7) Send Kuomat out to first readers. That should also be very soon, but as above, I expect I will be doing further revision when I get critiques back, and then of course proofing, plus I don’t want to overlap with Suelen, so publication perhaps in June. I better get the cover going here as well to make sure there isn’t a delay for that.

Here is my much more tentative schedule for later in 2022:

I hope I will be working on Invictus well before every item above gets checked off. My tentative goal is to have a draft finished before the end of this semester, which means in May. That is by no means a plan; that’s a goal and a hope. But if I can do that, this one would be finished and out for first readers, clearing the way for me to work on Tasmakat. Depending on how obsessive that one gets, it might not take too direly long to write, but summer is a very good time for me to focus on a demanding project.

After Tasmakat, I will think about Silver Circle.

But also, after Tasmakat, if I haven’t already done so, I will probably take a break.

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  1. Love your plan for 2022! Looking forward to the Tuyo sequels and Invictus. I have to try your other books too (just haven’t gotten around to that yet). Thanks!

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