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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this word used in a sentence, and I’m almost sure I’ve never personally used it in my life, but that’s too bad because it’s a cool word:


vel·le·i·ty / vəˈlēədē, veˈlēədē / Learn to pronounce noun

  • A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action.
  • “The notion intrigued me, but remained a velleity”

How about that? Have any of you ever used this word or heard it used? I need to start watching for chances to drop velleity into an ordinary conversation.

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5 thoughts on “Word of the Day”

  1. That is a nice word. And here is a bonus: lagniappe. As Mark Twain said, it is a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get.

  2. It’s a website redesign, Pete. I don’t know quite all the details because there’s lots of chatter about it, hard to follow on my phone. It’s been thought to be ready to go at least once, but wasn’t.

    I scheduled those BVC-linked posts before the problems started and simply forgot to cancel the last one even though I knew the site was still down.

    Big sale planned when the site does go live; I’ll definitely link to that!

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