Argh, Pushing Back the Black Dog Collection

Okay, so, sorry, but I’ve decided to stop stressing over getting the 4th Black Dog collection out in December. That would put too much pressure on me (to do revisions really fast) and on proofreaders (to proofread even faster). I most particularly don’t want to rush in a way that means I miss doing the revisions as well as they should be done.

There’s no deadline set in stone, so … I’m moving this release to “undefined time early in 2022.”

The good news: I DO have drafts complete for four novellas, all of which are on the longish side as these stories go. Four has been the usual number per collection. I may or may not write a fifth novella. If I don’t, then I’ll aim to release this collection in January 2022. If I do, then … I know, but … probably February. Or later.

I’m leaning (hard) toward leaving this collection at four stories, but I will take another look at the partial draft of Grayson’s story and consider a few other possibilities before I decide for sure.

Regardless, I will definitely aim to finish everything but final proofreading over Christmas Break. Among other things. Christmas Break is a major writing period for me and I certainly want to work on something else too. I mean, honestly, this collection IS pretty near completion no matter how I handle it.

But, sorry, there will definitely be a delay.

Have a black puppy as a consolation prize. This is Morgan’s son. His name is Gimli — that’s his call name. His actual name is Anara Owain Lord Of Moria At Your Service, which demonstrates an excellent feel for great show names on the part of his owners because they came up with that. I must say, that name would look really good on a championship certificate.

This picture was taken some time ago, so Gimli is older than this now, but it’s one of my favorite pictures of him. He’s a great puppy and I was happy to de-limit his registration when his owners requested that. They’ve already put him in his first baby show. (He didn’t win his class, but I’m sure that was a miscarriage of justice.)

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4 thoughts on “Argh, Pushing Back the Black Dog Collection”

  1. Something about that puppy’s expression makes Gimli the right name for him.

    As far as BD, we’ll wait. :-)

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