Yay, progress! And Choices to be Made

So, yesterday I took a good look at Keziah’s story for the upcoming Black dog collection, and whew, everything has worked itself out.

I’ll need to do a fairly minimal amount of revision — I dropped one really obvious ball, not sure how I didn’t realize that at the time I wrote the draft — and then I’ll have to finish the story. But! I now know how it ends, so obviously that’s handy when writing the ending.

I won’t need to write three more scenes, either. One more. So I’m certainly pleased about that. Given this progress, I will either finish this story today or certainly by Monday.

Finishing this story will give me four that are finished. This runs me right into a dilemma.

Choice A) Finish up these four, beta reads, proofreads, boom, done! Collection can come out in December, probably. Almost certainly.

Choice B) Finish up these four, but also make a very serious attempt to complete the story that is currently from Grayson’s point of view. Very possibly put off releasing the collection until next year.

This choice is complicated because currently I’m doing something in Grayson’s story that sets up stuff I need for the fifth novel, Silver Circle. However, there are different ways to cope with that.

–I could ditch this story and put the plot element I actually need into Silver Circle’s backstory.

–I could have the most important events of this story take place during Silver Circle, from someone else’s pov.

–The important events could take place during the novel, but offstage, so we just hear about them.

I don’t even have to utterly ditch the idea I had about the relationship stuff I was working on for Grayson’s story. I could show that relationship developing from the outside, as other characters catch meaningful glimpses during the events in Silver Circle. I thought of that just this second, as I typed this post. And now that I’ve thought of it, that is actually a kind of fun idea.

For that matter, a fifth collection and/or extended epilogue — or both — could well appear some time after Silver Circle comes out and if I felt like it, a Grayson story could appear in that.

At the moment I kind of think I might be leaning toward Choice A and then doing something or other to put the events I need into Silver Circle. That may be the easiest thing to do at the moment, a reasonable thing to do overall, AND, bonus, I could then finish up this project and at once turn my attention to something else. So many projects! So little time!

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2 thoughts on “Yay, progress! And Choices to be Made”

  1. I’m so excited to get the next set of Black Dog stories.

    I really enjoy reading about the people in that “world”.

  2. I love “different POV on the same events” so I would argue for having the relationship stuff in both places: centered in Grayson’s story and glimpsed from the outside by other characters in Silver Circle. That way it’s a fun alternate perspective for people who’ve read both, but people who missed the story and only read the novel will still have the context they need. (Or they’ll be curious and go pick up the story collection for more!)

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