The SI unit for cuteness

Here we go, a truly *important* topic, from Ben Orlin at Math With Bad Drawings:

Ben declares that the smaller the unit, the cuter the critter:

If you skipped past the above picture, go back and make sure you read the example for something that is one picoButton of cute. And click through; there are also examples for non-cute at the link.

Since Ben failed to provide an example for the femtoButton, I’ll step up:

Dora, Anara Adornment RN RA CRN CRA CGC, fourteen years ago.

I just this morning purchased steps so Dora will have an easier time getting on the couch. (That means I’ll have steps to the windowsill, the bed, the top of the crate where a popular dog bed is available, AND the couch).

Dora’s still cute, but not in the same way.

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3 thoughts on “The SI unit for cuteness”

  1. We used to have dog steps for our couch, but the pug wouldn’t go down them, only up, and she’d strand herself if we forgot and left them there when we left the house. If we then forgot to put them back when we got home, she’d just run at the spot the steps should have been, and just hit the couch head-on.

  2. Sarah, I hope my Dora will have sufficient good sense and keen enough eyesight to know where the stairs are and notice if they’re missing! Her eyesight is failing, I believe, but not quite as bad as that just yet.

  3. I honestly don’t think it was an eyesight issue, so much as an intelligence issue. She really only seemed to get “if I run at this spot, sometimes I end up on the couch”, and didn’t really get how the stairs factored into it. She also once went thirsty for a whole day because I accidentally switched the (right next to each other) water and food dishes, and she couldn’t figure out where the water had gone. I finally realized what was going on, swapped them back, and she ran over and basically drank the whole thing. She was very sweet, but not the brightest bulb.

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